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The air taken in by engine contains dust and other particles. The air filter traps dust and dirty particles in the air with its filter, preventing them from entering the cylinders.

There two types of air filter element

  • This type used oil-permeated filter paper. As the paper sticky, dust and other particles in the air adhere to the paper as air passes through it. This type has much bigger filtering capacity than dry paper type filter of the same size.

  • This type is appropriate for the desert area.

Necessity of Maintenance/ What happen if not done

The filter becomes clogged with dirty and the air flow will be restricted.

If dust or other particle enter the cylinder or the air floe is restricted due to the clog;

  • Engine cylinder will wear rapidly.
  • Fuel economy will become worse because of improper combustion of air-fuel mixute.
  • Engine performance will become worse ( poor engine power or poor acceleration ,etc.)
  • Exhaust gas emission becomes worse.
  • Black smoke will increase (diesel engine)

Maintenance Interval

Replace every 40,000km /24 months ,whicever comes first.

For dry paper typr, clen every 10,000 /6 months ,whichever comes first.

Driving under dusty conditions, they should be replaced(viscous type) or cleaned ( dry type) more frequently.

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