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The oil filter removes harmful contaminations from the engine oil which lubricated areas of engine interior subjected to friction.

The oil filter has a drain-back prevention valve to inhibit the oil in the filter and oilpassage to flow back to oil pan when the engine is tuned off. This function is to supply oil to all the friction surfaces inside the engine as soon as it is started;and thus, prevents wear which otherwise would be caused by lack of the oil film at metal to metal contack portions.

Necessity of Maintenance / What happens if not done

Engine oil will become dirty due to the carbon , metal particels or dust etc. Such contaminations accumulated in the filter , the filte's filtration capacity will drop.

If dirty engine oil filter is continuosly used;
  • Engine oil will quickly become dirty.
  • Engine will be damaged because of contaminated oil.

Maintenance Interval

Replace every 10,000km /6 months, whichever comes first. It is desirable that the oil filter is changed every time the oil is changed because about 0.5liters of used oil would remain in the filter if it werw not replaced. This would accelerate deterioration of the new oil.

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