Friday, June 20, 2008


The fuel filter (or stainer) prevents the fuel pump and injectors from developing troubles and clogging by removing contaminations such as dust and steel particles as well as water in the fuel, to maintain the engine in an optimum operating condition. it also prevent abrasion insida cylinders,particularly in the upper sections.
The petrol in the fuel tank can contain a considerable amount of dirt and water which ,if passed through the carburetor and injectors,will clog and cause the engine to malfunction.
In diesel engines, too,dirt or moist can get mixed into the diesel fuel.If this dirt or moisture passes through to the injection pump or injection nozzles,it could cause clogging ,wear or seizure of precision part.
The fuel filter separates the contaminations from the fuel and prevents the above-mentioned problems.
However,if contaminations accumulate in the fuel filter,it becomes clogged and limits the fuel supply amount.


For petrol engine replace every 40,000km/24 months whichever comers first.
For diesel engine check filter and drain water every 10,000km/6 months and replace every 40,000km /2 months ,whichever comes first.
Replacement interval must be shortened in the area where proper quality fuel is not always available.
Under severe condition like dusty condition or weather conditions are extremely severe ,replace every 20,000km/12 months,whichever comes first

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