Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Drive belt placed on the crankshaft pulley, the belt deliver crankshaft power to the water pump,cooling fan,alternator,power steering oil pump,air conditioner compressor and vacum pump (diesel engine only).
As the belt are made of rubber, they gradually become worn and harden because of friction with pulley,the heat originated by its friction and elasticity by the engine torque change,and it will finally crack.

Serious trouble may result such as:

  • If the power steering belt break, the steering will suddenly become extremely heavy.
  • If fan belt breaks, water pump will not operated and engine will overheat.
  • If alternator belt breaks,battery will be discharged.
  • If air conditioner belt breaks, air conditioner will not operate ( HOT).
  • If vacum pump belt breaks (diesel engines) the brake pedalwill suddenly become stiff,making it extremely hard to applay brakes.

Inspect and correct or replace as necessary every 20,000km/12 months after 1st maintenance,whichever comes first for without three way catalyst model. For model with three way catalyst every 40,000km/ 24 months.


  1. Inspect for cracks, fraying,wear or oil adhesion. If necassary, replace witht a new one.
  2. Inspect the belt deflections by pushing on the belt midway between pulleys with a force of 98N ( 10 kg.22lb ).
  3. Adjust if belt deflections is too small or too large. Specified deflection limit is shown in Service Manual.

Genuine belts are made of proper materials to form precise stucture and configuration matching each vehicle and engine type. They are of appropriate length so as to permit sufficient for tension adjusment.These characteristics are essential for a long service life.

The factory-fitted thermal-contraction belt are low-maintenance products.If the belt tension decreases, the belt starts slipping and produces heat which makes the inside cords shrink, thus recovering the tension.

Does any problem happen if belt tension is too high or too low?

Yes, you will have problem either case.

If tension is weak, belt will slip against the pulley,and power transfer will become lower.this means,in case of fan belt,cooling power will decrease and in case of alternator belt,generating power will decrease and battery charge level will decrease. This can be easily niticed as sharp squeaking noise will be generated when racing engine.

On the other hand,excessive tension leads to short life of alternator bearing,water pump bearing or crankshaft main bearing.

Belts used for a vehicle are all same?


Belts look the same,however ,length and width are slighly different.

For example,you can not use air conditioner belt in place of fan belt.

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Friday, June 20, 2008


The fuel filter (or stainer) prevents the fuel pump and injectors from developing troubles and clogging by removing contaminations such as dust and steel particles as well as water in the fuel, to maintain the engine in an optimum operating condition. it also prevent abrasion insida cylinders,particularly in the upper sections.
The petrol in the fuel tank can contain a considerable amount of dirt and water which ,if passed through the carburetor and injectors,will clog and cause the engine to malfunction.
In diesel engines, too,dirt or moist can get mixed into the diesel fuel.If this dirt or moisture passes through to the injection pump or injection nozzles,it could cause clogging ,wear or seizure of precision part.
The fuel filter separates the contaminations from the fuel and prevents the above-mentioned problems.
However,if contaminations accumulate in the fuel filter,it becomes clogged and limits the fuel supply amount.


For petrol engine replace every 40,000km/24 months whichever comers first.
For diesel engine check filter and drain water every 10,000km/6 months and replace every 40,000km /2 months ,whichever comes first.
Replacement interval must be shortened in the area where proper quality fuel is not always available.
Under severe condition like dusty condition or weather conditions are extremely severe ,replace every 20,000km/12 months,whichever comes first

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Sunday, June 1, 2008



Spark plug transmits an extremely high voltage across the electrodes to produce sparks, which ignite and explode the air-fuel mixture compressed in cylinders of a petrol engine.

Necessity of maintenance / What happens if not done

With use ,the spark plug electrodes experiance a gradual erotion and widening of the gap between them, making spark generation difficult. At the same time , combution deposits on the insulator tip and the electrodes cause short circuit of the current, resulting in sparks between impropper portions.

If the plugs are worn, the engine performance will decrease and fuel economy will become worse.

If the ignition timing is advanceed too much , or retarded too much,it will cause the engine's power decrease.

Maintenance Interval

Spark plug ( conventional type )

  • Inspect and correct or replace as necessary every 10,000km /6 months and replace every 20,000km /12 months ,whichever comes first.(When using leaded petrol , it is recomendable to replace spark plug earlier( to a half or a third) than the one using unleaded petrol.)

Spark plug ( Platinum- tipped type )

  • Replace every 100,000 km

Ignition wires

  • Inspect and correct or replace as necessary every 40,000km / 24 months, whichever comes first.

Ignition timing

  • For emission-controlled engine , adjust the timing every 20,000km / 24 months, whichever comes first.
  • For non emission-controlled engine , adjust the timing every 10,000km / 6 months, whichever comes first.
  • In the case of some latest engine , ignition timing adjustmentis not necessary.

Maintenance job

  1. Clean the plug with wire brush and check for damage or cracks ( for platinum type or Iridium type do not clean )
  2. Check plug gap with plug gap gauge (Only conventional type )
  3. Inspect wire for cracks, damage,burned terminals and for improper fit.
  4. Measure the resistance of wires and check for intermitent breaks.
  5. Check ignition timing and adjust as necessary.

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Timing belts transmit drive power to the camshaft(s) from the rotating crankshaft thus enabling the intake and exhaust to open and close in accordance with the valve timing pattern specified for each type of engine.

Necessity of maintenance /What happen if not done

The timing belt gradually becomes worn, hard or slack as it is used ,and it will finally jump over the sprocket teeth, and in the worst case , break.
If timing belt jumps over the sprocket teeth;

  • Engine power will decrease
  • Fuel consumption becomes worse

If belt tension becomes too low;

  • Belt vibration noise will be notified

If timing belt breaks;

  • Intake /exhaust valves and pistons will crash with each other and will be damaged

Maintenance Interval

Replace every 100,000km or sooner, depending on usage conditions.(There is no need of replacements for timing chains, which are basically maintenance free)

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The air taken in by engine contains dust and other particles. The air filter traps dust and dirty particles in the air with its filter, preventing them from entering the cylinders.

There two types of air filter element


  • This type used oil-permeated filter paper. As the paper sticky, dust and other particles in the air adhere to the paper as air passes through it. This type has much bigger filtering capacity than dry paper type filter of the same size.

  • This type is appropriate for the desert area.

Necessity of Maintenance/ What happen if not done

The filter becomes clogged with dirty and the air flow will be restricted.

If dust or other particle enter the cylinder or the air floe is restricted due to the clog;

  • Engine cylinder will wear rapidly.
  • Fuel economy will become worse because of improper combustion of air-fuel mixute.
  • Engine performance will become worse ( poor engine power or poor acceleration ,etc.)
  • Exhaust gas emission becomes worse.
  • Black smoke will increase (diesel engine)

Maintenance Interval

Replace every 40,000km /24 months ,whicever comes first.

For dry paper typr, clen every 10,000 /6 months ,whichever comes first.

Driving under dusty conditions, they should be replaced(viscous type) or cleaned ( dry type) more frequently.

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The oil filter removes harmful contaminations from the engine oil which lubricated areas of engine interior subjected to friction.

The oil filter has a drain-back prevention valve to inhibit the oil in the filter and oilpassage to flow back to oil pan when the engine is tuned off. This function is to supply oil to all the friction surfaces inside the engine as soon as it is started;and thus, prevents wear which otherwise would be caused by lack of the oil film at metal to metal contack portions.

Necessity of Maintenance / What happens if not done

Engine oil will become dirty due to the carbon , metal particels or dust etc. Such contaminations accumulated in the filter , the filte's filtration capacity will drop.

If dirty engine oil filter is continuosly used;

  • Engine oil will quickly become dirty.
  • Engine will be damaged because of contaminated oil.

Maintenance Interval

Replace every 10,000km /6 months, whichever comes first. It is desirable that the oil filter is changed every time the oil is changed because about 0.5liters of used oil would remain in the filter if it werw not replaced. This would accelerate deterioration of the new oil.

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Friday, May 30, 2008



Engine oil has the following functions;

  • Reduces Wear and friction in the pistons, bearing and other moving part.
  • Cleans inside of the engine.
  • Prevents the corrotion of metal part and cushions moving parts, as well as absorbing noxious substances from engine combustion.
  • Cooling the engine . Absorbs heat from some engine components where heat spot occurs.
  • Seal the high-temperature, high-pressure gas in the combustion chambers,as well as transferring heat from high temperature areas to the oil pan,where it is dissipated into the air.

Necessary of Maintenance /What happent if not done

Oil will lose its effectiveness by carbon or metal particles, and viscosity will decrease with use by oxidation.

If deterioted oil is continuosly used ,followings may happen;

  • Engine friction portions wear out quickly
  • Engine will be damage by corrotion
  • Engine will overheat
  • Fuel economy become worse
  • Engine power will be decreased
  • Engine seizure happens inthe worst case

Maintenance Interval

Replace every 10,000km /6 months , whichever comes first.

  • Driving under severe condition like dusty condition, repeated short distance driving, towing a trailer/caravan or extensive idling, it should be replaced more frequently

For petrol engine with turbocharger and most of diesel engines, replaceevery 5,000km/3 months, whichever comes first.

Is engine oil different between petrol engine and diesel engine ?

There are exclusive type and universal type.

  • Engine oil is different depending on the type of engine. for example, if oil specification is SJ or SH which starts from S ( Sparrk ignition engine ) it is for petrol engine only.
  • If oil specification is CD or CC , it is only for diesel engine. However , there is universal oil whose specification is SE - CC for example.

What is the difference betwen mineral base oil and synthetic base oil ?

Targeted usage and cost

  • There are two types of engine oil depending on the material contained, mineral type and synthetic type. Synthetic type is usually used for racing asit has good heat resistance ,however , it is very expensive. for normal use, itis recommended to use mineral type oil because of its cost performance.Never extend replacement interval incase syntetic oil is used, as its improved cleaning performance means the oil becomes dirty quickly.

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Necessity of Maintenance /What happens if not done

  • The radiator hoses and heater hoses where engine coolant flows are made of rubber. The gradually become hard and finally ,crack which makes coolant leak out.
  • If the coolant level drops , the engine may overheat , so it necessary to check the cooling and heater system hoses periodically.

Maintenance Interval

  • Inspect and correct or replace as necessary every 20,000km /12 months whichever comes first.

Maintenance JOB

  1. Check rubber hoses for improper attachment for leaks, crack, damage, loose conection, chafing and deterioration.
  2. Check radiator cap relief pressure with cap tester.
  3. Check cooling system for leaks by applaying pressure with cap tester.
  4. Check all hose clamp for proper instalation


Function /Mechanism

Engine coolant is necessary for cooling the engine and an ethylene glycol anti-freeze is required to be added in soft water with the proper mixture because the engine coolant has the following functions;

  • Anti - freeze
  • Anti - corrotion
  • Raise coolant boiling point

Necessity of maintenance /what happens ifnot done

Engine coolant deteriorates due to heat and chemical changes over time.

The color will change from bright color to dark color with use.

If deteriorated engine coolant is continuosly used

  • Engine will overheat
  • Coolant will freeze when it is cold and cause trouble to radiator and engine
  • Coolant will leak from radiator because of perforation caused by corrotion.

Maintenance Interval and job

  • Replace every 40,000km /24 months, whichever comes first.
  • Change as instructed in Dealer.

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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Battery Mobil

Battery merupakan komponen dalam kendaraan yang sangat penting tetutama untuk kendaraan yang memakai bahan bakar minyak jenis " BENSIN " . Battery menjadi komponen yang sangat penting dikarenakan untuk menghidupkan mobil , motor penggerak start membutuhkan suplai arus dari battery . Lebih penting lagi apabila kendaraan mobil kita mengunakan Trasmisi Otomatis dikarenakan mobil tidak dapat dihidupkan dengan cara lain kecuali dengan Elektrik Stater. Disinilah peran utama Battery pada mobil.

Merawat battery pada kendaraan pada dasarnya cukup mudah yaitu dengan cara :

  1. Menjaga Level air accu pada garis dibawah UPPER dan diatas garis LOWER
  2. Tambahkan bila berada pada level dibawah LOWER
  3. Periksa berat jenis air accu bila diperlukan ( lakukan di bengkel langgana anda )
  4. Jaga kebersihan terminal battery .


Setelah kita menerima battery berikut dengan air accu ( H2SO4 ) maka hal pertama adalah memeriksa apakah battery masih tersegel dengan baik . Bila OK maka kita dapat lanjutkan proses pergantian battery pada kendaraan . Buka penutup sel battery yang terbuat dari lapisan alumunium lalu isikan air accu hingga mencapai batas ' UPPER ' apabila level turun tambahkan hingga mencapai level UPPER. Setelah selesai seluruhnya tutup setiap sel tersebut dengan tutup yang telah disediakan . Berhati -hatilah ketika mengisi cairan air accu tersebut bila terkena kulit basuh bagian tersebut dengan menggunakan air bersih.


  1. Tidak boleh test battery saat sedang charge
  2. Hati -hati jangan menghubungkan beban secara langsungkarena dapat menimbulkan percikan api ,yang dapat menyebabkan battery meledak
  3. Jangan sampai menyumbat lubang vent plug
  4. Jaga battery dari percikan api

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Sunday, May 25, 2008


Menjaga mobil adalah suatu keharusan yang wajib dilakukan oleh setiap pemilik kendaraan , karena dengan terpeliharanya kendaraan maka akan terwujud suatu kenyamanan dan keselamatan dalam berkendara . Menjaga kendaraan disini adalah bukan hanya melindungi kendaraan dari ancaman pihak luar ( pencuri ) tetapi lebih kepada bagaimana kendaraan kita dapat bekerja lebih optimal. Bukankah mobil sudah dilakukan perawatan berkala sesuai anjuran Dealer Resmi ?

Tepat sekali pernyataan diatas , namun anda sebagai owner wajib mengetahui bagian- bagian dari komponen kendaraan anda. Setidaknya komponen yang sangat sederhana dalam hal perawatan karena dealer anda melakukan perawatan hanya dalam periode tertentu . Sedangkan mobil anda bergerak setiap saat yang mana pasti akan terjadi perubahan . Perubahan inilah yang wajib diketahui oleh anda sebagai user ataupun owner dari kendaraan tersebut.

Komponen manakah yang wajib diketahui oleh anda agar mobil anda dapat bekerja optimal?

  1. Battery /Aki
  2. Level Oli
  3. Air Radiator
  4. Tekanan Ban
  5. Instrumen Panel

Contoh daftar diatas adalah komponen yang harus selalu diperhatikan agar performa kendaraan menjadi optimal yang mana hal-hal diatas tidaklah memerlukan keahlian khusus. Karena tidak sedikit dari anda yang tidak memperdulikan hal ringan diatas tetapi sering kali diabaikan yang berakibat sangat fatal bagi mobil anda.

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Postingan pertama

Hello world...

Senang sekali rasanya dapat memiliki satu media yang dapat digunakan untuk mengungkapkan sedikit ilmu yang mungkin dapat bermanfaat bagi diri pribadi dan orang lain.

Silahkan meninggalkan komentar ,apapun itu, demi kenyamanan dan manfaat yang bisa anda temukan.

Terima kasih.

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