Friday, March 13, 2009


This system can increase brake fluid pressure effectively with lighter pedal pushing force than that of conventional system,when emergency braking. On the braking of unskilled driver,even if pedal pushing speed of both skilled and unskilled drivers are same, unskilled driver cannot apply enough force on the brake pedal until the brake booster functions because the unskilled driver is rather hard to increase the pedal pushing force during braking comparing with that the skilled driver.

In the conventional type of brake booster system has an almost constant boost ratio from small to large pedal pushing force, but brake assist system makes the boost ratio larger when the pedal pushing force exeeds certain level.this is function of brake assist.

On conventional system the valve plunger , which transmits the operating force of operating rod to reaction disc, is one peace part. On brake assist system the valve plunger is divided into two pieces, and there is a rubber damper or a spring for boost ratio control between them.

Primary period
The power piston moves to left direction by booster function introducing atmospheric pressure,and the reaction disc starts to be deformed due to pressure from the power piston. By the pressure the deformed part of reaction disc goes into inside of a plunger plate holder.

Boost ratio increasing period
The deformed part of reaction disc inside of plunger plate holder contacts to plunger plate, and it compresses the control rubber damper of spring .By the compression a reaction force is applied on the reaction disc, and finally the reaction force is applied on output rod as an additional force from input rod.

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