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Engine oil has the following functions;
  • Reduces Wear and friction in the pistons, bearing and other moving part.
  • Cleans inside of the engine.
  • Prevents the corrotion of metal part and cushions moving parts, as well as absorbing noxious substances from engine combustion.
  • Cooling the engine . Absorbs heat from some engine components where heat spot occurs.
  • Seal the high-temperature, high-pressure gas in the combustion chambers,as well as transferring heat from high temperature areas to the oil pan,where it is dissipated into the air.

Necessary of Maintenance /What happent if not done

Oil will lose its effectiveness by carbon or metal particles, and viscosity will decrease with use by oxidation.

If deterioted oil is continuosly used ,followings may happen;

  • Engine friction portions wear out quickly
  • Engine will be damage by corrotion
  • Engine will overheat
  • Fuel economy become worse
  • Engine power will be decreased
  • Engine seizure happens inthe worst case

Maintenance Interval

Replace every 10,000km /6 months , whichever comes first.

  • Driving under severe condition like dusty condition, repeated short distance driving, towing a trailer/caravan or extensive idling, it should be replaced more frequently

For petrol engine with turbocharger and most of diesel engines, replaceevery 5,000km/3 months, whichever comes first.

Is engine oil different between petrol engine and diesel engine ?

There are exclusive type and universal type.

  • Engine oil is different depending on the type of engine. for example, if oil specification is SJ or SH which starts from S ( Sparrk ignition engine ) it is for petrol engine only.
  • If oil specification is CD or CC , it is only for diesel engine. However , there is universal oil whose specification is SE - CC for example.

What is the difference betwen mineral base oil and synthetic base oil ?

Targeted usage and cost

  • There are two types of engine oil depending on the material contained, mineral type and synthetic type. Synthetic type is usually used for racing asit has good heat resistance ,however , it is very expensive. for normal use, itis recommended to use mineral type oil because of its cost performance.Never extend replacement interval incase syntetic oil is used, as its improved cleaning performance means the oil becomes dirty quickly.

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