Wednesday, February 25, 2009


The master cylinder converts the motion of the brake pedal into hydraulic pressure.

It consists of the reservoir tank, which contains the bake fluid ,as well as the piston and cylinder, which generate the hydraulic pressure.there are two types of master cylinder. The single master cylinder uses one piston to deliver hydraulic pressure to all four wheel cylinder.the tandem master cylinder uses two piston to deliver hydraulic pressure separately to the wheel cylinder of the front or rear wheels or the right front & left rear and the left front & right rear whells.The tandem type master cylinder is used more commonly than the single type.

The tandem master cylinder has two independent hydraulic lines , If either of the lines fails to function, the other line is still capable of functioning.
The separate systems for the front wheels and rear wheels are explained.
The primary and secondary pistons are installed inside the cylinder ,the secondary piston is supported by return springs in the front and back.The areas where the springs are act as pressure chambers with inlet port and return port for the brake fluid. The reserve tank connected to the inlet port is shared by both brake pipes for front and rear whells.

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