Saturday, February 14, 2009


The brake as function is to stop vehicle or to decelerate of speed of vehicle and to be parked on a slope, as well brake it extremely importent part in vehicle so it is safety component and very vitally. Brake are expected to be highly realible, as well as durable so that the vehicle can be stopped both safely and promptly in any place and under any conditions.
The part of brake system;
  • Brake fluid
  • Brake shoe and Brake pad
  • Brake rotor and Brake drum
  • Brake pedal ( foot brake/parking brakea)
  • Brake pipe line
  • Brake master

Function of part;

  1. Brake fluid transfer the power to the brake pads and brake shoes via brake line to stop the cars or to reduce of speed ,as well brake fluid necessary maintenance to keep of quality. brake fluid will deteriorate by moist in air mixing with fluid through brake pipe or reservoir tank also deteroited by oxidation due to the friction heat,if brake fluid deteroites it may cause the corrotion inside the cylinder and if brake fluid contains moist ,the boiling point become lower. As brake fluid is used under severe conditions, vapor lock may easily as aresult of brake fluid boiling. So the brake fluid must be inspect and correct or replace as necessary and maintenance fluid level and leaks. Replacement of brake fluid is recomended every 40,000 km or two years or if brake fluid become very dirty under high humidity.
  2. Brake pad or brake shoe produce a braking force ,brake pad is used in disc brake system . In disc brake system,a disc rotates with the whell,and brake pads clamps this rotating disc to produce a braking force.In brake shoe in used in drum brake system . In a drum brake system brake shoe expand outwards to press the linings against the drum inner surface which is rotating, to produce the braking force.brake pad or brake shoe become worn by friction .if brake pad or shoe worn is continuosly used;
  • Original brake performance can no longer be guaranteed.
  • Pad wear indicator will make squeling noise,if completely worn out,brake function will almost be loss,leading to very dangerous situation for passengar.
  • Worn pad/shoe will cause damage to the brake discs or drums.

Pad wear indicator : When pad thickness approaches the specified limit,small nails riveted to the pad will scratch the rotor surface when the brake are applied, making squealing noise which warns the driver that pads should be replaced.


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