Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Brake pad and shoe are basically made of the same materials.All genuine brake pad and brake shoe are manufactured from compound materials made from glass fiber,metalic fiber,carbon fiber, well as high quality filter ,binder, friction stabilizer and lubricant. these materials are carefully blended to provide superior characteristicand capability requaired for safe and adequate braking operation and power. advantages of genuine part listed below

  • The rotor will not suffer from excessive wear.
  • Braking power remains constant even at high temperatures.
  • Braking power varies little at different vehicle running speed.
  • Abrasion remains constant at varying temperatures.
  • Braking power remains constant even when brakes at wet.
  • Squeling noise rarely occur.

Inferior quality non-genuine part may result in;

  • Faster wearing and more frequent replacement,hence high maintenance cost eventually.
  • Uneven braking.
  • Unsafe brake fade.
  • Abrasion to disc or drum.

For safety riding replace the brake pad or brake shoe after the thickness is close to the minimum limit , the limit you know by asked to your dealer. if minimum limit is to used it is very dangerous situation before next periodic maintenance.In that case , It not only takes time and inconvenience for you, but may cost more when completelt worn out pads have damaged rotors.So inspect and correct or replace as necessary the brake pad every 20.000 km.The back side of the pad has a metal clip. when the pad wears to minimum limit , this metal clip rubs against the dasc and makes a scratching noise which serves as a warning. the friction of pad and rotor or brake shoe and brake drum becomes worn it. and if the rotor or drum wears out;

  • Braking performance become poor.
  • Vibration will happen ( pedal vibration or judder)
  • Steering vibration will happen when braking

If the condition happen, measure the thickness as instructed in service manual. Grind when it can be done within specified limit, if not replace with new one.


  1. Sama gak sich system operasi rem pada truk ma rem pada mobil kecil?

  2. pada prinsipnya sama,bedanya mobil kecil pakai tekanan hydraulic( minyak rem ) truck memakai pneumatic ( tekanan angin ) di samping yang utama tetap memakai tekanan hydraulic dan truck tidak mengaplikasikan rem jenis dics.


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