Friday, May 30, 2008


Necessity of Maintenance /What happens if not done
  • The radiator hoses and heater hoses where engine coolant flows are made of rubber. The gradually become hard and finally ,crack which makes coolant leak out.
  • If the coolant level drops , the engine may overheat , so it necessary to check the cooling and heater system hoses periodically.

Maintenance Interval

  • Inspect and correct or replace as necessary every 20,000km /12 months whichever comes first.

Maintenance JOB

  1. Check rubber hoses for improper attachment for leaks, crack, damage, loose conection, chafing and deterioration.
  2. Check radiator cap relief pressure with cap tester.
  3. Check cooling system for leaks by applaying pressure with cap tester.
  4. Check all hose clamp for proper instalation


Function /Mechanism

Engine coolant is necessary for cooling the engine and an ethylene glycol anti-freeze is required to be added in soft water with the proper mixture because the engine coolant has the following functions;

  • Anti - freeze
  • Anti - corrotion
  • Raise coolant boiling point

Necessity of maintenance /what happens ifnot done

Engine coolant deteriorates due to heat and chemical changes over time.

The color will change from bright color to dark color with use.

If deteriorated engine coolant is continuosly used

  • Engine will overheat
  • Coolant will freeze when it is cold and cause trouble to radiator and engine
  • Coolant will leak from radiator because of perforation caused by corrotion.

Maintenance Interval and job

  • Replace every 40,000km /24 months, whichever comes first.
  • Change as instructed in Dealer.

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